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Our mission is to help lawyers and professionals to win new clients through targeted marketing.

We work with you to ensure that website visitors become paying clients. We will analyse your current marketing situation and plan your strategy to the target situation.

Every law firm and every company is unique and requires a tailor-made plan for optimal results. That is why we concentrate
especially on what you need individually.

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Marketing Consulting for Lawyers and Professionals

Your individual marketing strategy

Our services



​We create or optimize a modern designed, organized, and professional website. This helps to achieve credibility and trust of potential clients.

With the myriad of mobile devices in use today, it is critical that your website is appealing and easy to use, no matter what device it is viewed on.

Of course we take care of
Search Engine Optimization(SEO).
As well as the
Search Engine Marketing(SEM).

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We look after and advise you regarding your social media presence.

Google + and LinkedIn are extremely important tools for lawyers and professionals.

Our services include coordination, management and monitoring of corporate activities.
in social media.

Company Presentation

In addition to digital marketing we are also experts in
traditional marketing.

We create presentations, flyers, business cards, banners, etc.

The development of a consistent and professional brand identity is an important component of any effective brand strategy.

Creating a brand identity requires research and attention to detail in order to develop a style that successfully achieves the goals of the firm or company and conveys the appropriate message.

Isabella Janoschka 

Isabella Janoschka - Marketing Consultant for Lawyers and Professionals understands the context in which her clients need to operate. 

She knows that for most law firms and professionals, time is the biggest obstacle to implement an effective digital marketing strategy.

She is an expert in helping lawyers and companies realise MORE digital marketing, with greater impact, but less time. Her new insights will help law firms and companies to advance their marketing activities.

She runs a small business and is proud of her personal service.
She only works with a certain number of clients at the same time to ensure that each client is always individually looked after. She builds strong customer relationships.

The best way to show you how you can be helped is  
that she's actually helping you.

Isabella Janoschka
Marketing Consultant
for Lawyers and Professionals

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